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Closed temporarily due to government restrictions


Our 7,400 sqft parkour and martial arts facility is now open! Come and check us out at 465 Milner Ave. Unit 6 in Scarbrough, Ontario. 

Our facility features:

  • Custom-built open parkour gym featuring a bar section, a running wall, and a bouldering cave

  • Martial arts and MovNat classes

  • A 900sqft dojo available to rent for classes, seminars, and workshops

  • Room Rentals - available for birthdays, and special events!

  • Manual therapy services

We have classes for:

  • Parkour (kids and adult classes)

  • MovNat

  • Mobility

  • Martial Arts

  • Yoga

  • and more!


See below for details!

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In order to ensure everyone's safety during this time, we are putting in place the following safety measures:

Masks will be required in common areas in the facility wherever social distancing is not possible.


There will be a hand sanitizing station at the entrance and throughout the facility. We ask that everybody sanitize their hands upon entry and while using the facility.

There will be a maximum of 50 people inside the facility at any one time.


We ask that everyone adhere to social distancing guidelines where possible. 



The Shinobi Village offers the following membership options for the open parkour gym:

*Please note that classes are not included in the memberships. Class prices vary and can be found under 


$20.00 +tax

Monthly Membership

$90.00 +tax

Yearly Membership

$900.00 +tax

Monthly Family Membership

(3 people - at least 1 child)

$230.00 +tax

Monthly Family Membership (4 people - at least 2 children)

$300.00 +tax

Memberships can be purchased in person at The Shinobi Village!




Parkour Movement Training

Instructor: Alex Schenker

MovNat Certified Natural Movement Master Trainer

This class is all about obstacle traversal for developing real-world physical competence. We focus on the skills of locomotion, including balancing, jumping, vaulting, ground movement, climbing, as well as other skills, to develop the practical freedom of movement innate to all human beings. Developing these latent abilities can be approached from the perspective of play, functional fitness, and/or with the mindset of evasion for self-protection.

Parkour and MovNat have a common ancestor; the French Naval officer, Georges Hebert's Methode Naturelle, which shaped what we know now as the modern day military obstacle course. Everything in the Parkour skillset is part of MovNat, but MovNat also includes lifting, carrying, swimming, and other skills that complete the full spectrum of human movement aptitudes.  We approach these Parkour classes through the MovNat lens, which is adaptive and approachable for everyone.


Kids Drop-in Parkour Class

Instructors: Alex Schenker, Shane Harper

Sundays 12pm-1pm

If your child loves climbing and jumping, they will fit right into our Parkour kids class. This class helps kids build movement skills and develop their physical fitness in a fun and safe environment. They will explore parkour skills like running, jumping, climbing, vaulting, and more with other kids in a cooperative rather than competitive setting.

Age: 6-12

Kids Intro to Parkour Program

Instructor: Shane Harper

Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30pm-6:15pm

Cost: $297 for 6 weeks

We're offering a 6 Week Kids Intro to Parkour Program that:
-Keeps them active and burning energy
-Helps them build coordination and strength
-Keeps them focused and engaged
-Challenges their minds
-Helps build confidence
-And does it all while having fun!


Flexibility & Joint Strengthening

Instructor: Alex Schenker

Natural Movement Trainer

Licensed Shiatsu Therapist

FRC Mobility Specialist

Mobility is all about restoring the natural functionality of our bodies and unwinding the unnatural conditions we subject ourselves to in modern society. Each class involves joint mobilization exercises, Natural Movement re-calibration, self-Shiatsu, active stretching, structural realignment exercise, and a basic no-fluff breathing meditation practice. We look at balancing the body, relieving abnormal tension, preventing injury, improving functional flexibility, and structural alignment / integrity. The goal is that with regular classes you will learn how to develop and maintain your own independent practice tailored to your specific needs.

The Natural Movement element involves ground movement, balancing practice, safe-falling instruction, and a few key considerations to how we use our bodies in daily life situations. This class integrates elements of MovNat, Self-Shiatsu, Sotai (neuromuscular reeducation exercise) Ryutai Undo & Ukemi (martial conditioning), and Meridian Stretching.



Luke Robinson a.k.a Bushido Robinson

Beginners kickboxing class working on the fundamentals of various strikes and kicks.

Schedule: Wednesdays 7:00pm - 9:00pm 

Cost: $30.00/class ($25.00 for members of The Shinobi Village)


Kids Capoeira Class

Instructor Tropa

Capoeira Malês Toronto is dedicated to promoting the art of Capoeira in the GTA. Under the dedicated guidance of Instructor Tropa, the capoeira practitioner will learn the fundamental movements of capoeira, as well as understand its history of origins and its culture and development.

Capoeira encompasses aspects of dance, martial arts, acrobatics, music and Brazilian culture in a single art form.

Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Cost: Please inquire for the cost.



Adrian Jean-Paul

Classical Japanese Martial Arts. Taijutsu (literally "body skills/techniques") is a general term used to refer to 9 schools of martial arts that were learned and taught by the shinobi (ninja) of ancient Japan.

Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Cost: $20.00/class or $150.00/month for open gym membership plus unlimited Taijutsu classes.

Unable to make regular classes or concerned about groups? Try private classes! One-on-one instruction on your schedule! Email for info.

Private Classes: $80/hour


Yin Yang movement flow (4-week micro-series)

Aisha Lesley Bentham

This mixed movement class is based in a yin yoga practice and designed to deepen and elongate the body and breath with longer held postures.

Classes will be held on:

September 30th @730pm

October 10th @830am

October 14th @730am

October 24th @830am

This class requires: yoga mat, light blanket (flat sheet)

Luke Robinson to book your spot in class.

Instructor Tropa to book your spot in class.


Taijutsu Fundamentals Course

Instructor: Alex Schenker

Taijutsu Instructor, Natural Movement Trainer

In this course we will introduce, and deepen our ability in the basic principles and movements of Taijutsu. The program for this course includes combative skills such as striking and grappling, locomotive skills such as rolling and leaping, and physical conditioning such as stretching and strengthening.



  • Striking & kicking technique - basic foot & fist formations & application

  • Grappling - fundamental wrist joint controls

  • Kamae - basic combative postures


  •  Rolling - forward & backward rolling for quick recovery from a fall

  •  Leaping - forward, backward, sideways, upward, and downward leaping

  •  Break-falls - safe falling techniques for falling prone, supine, or laterally to the side


  •  Ryutai Undo (dragon-body method) - stretches & mobilizations for strengthening and limbering the body

  •  Kokyuho (breathing exercise) - breathing & moving meditation


This course is meant to introduce new students to the foundational techniques of our practice; and for experienced practitioners to refine the underlying movements behind all of our techniques. There are a great number of advanced techniques in our art, and studying them all certainly increases the breadth of our knowledge, but honing in on the fundamentals is an opportunity to further develop the underpinning depth in our Taijutsu. This depth carries over to all techniques & related movements, and we can benefit at all skill levels from showing some attention to it's refinement. By the end of this course, you will have have learned some movements to practice on your own, a clear idea of what you need to work on to improve, and resources to review what we covered in the course.


Through not a requirement, it is recommended that people take this course before joining regular Taijutsu classes.


Cost: $100.00 ($80.00 for members of The Shinobi Village)










Kenjutsu/Battojutsu Workshop (Japanese Swordsmanship)

Learn fundamentals and techniques of kenjutsu (sword- fighting techniques) and battojutsu (sword-drawing and cutting techniques) in this 4 hour workshop!

No experience or equipment required, just wear comfortable clothing. Wooden training sword will be provided!

Date: Saturday, October 10th 2020

Time: 11am - 3pm

Cost: $50

Shuriken Battle!!!

Join us for our 2nd Shuriken Battle!!! Learn the basics of shurikenjutsu then test out your ninja skills in an all-out SHURIKEN BATTLE!

Rubber shuriken and safety glasses will be provided!

Date: Wednesday, October 7th

Time: 6pm to 8pm

Cost: Free with drop-in ($20) or membership!



The Shinobi Village has a dedicated party room with access to the open parkour gym for birthday parties and corporate events.

Parties and events include one hour of parkour instruction and two and a half hours of free play in the parkour gym.

Cost: $350.00

*There is a maximum of ten people per party at this time due to Covid.


Our 900 sqft dojo is available to rent for classes, seminars and workshops. Perfect for martial arts, yoga, fitness, meditation, etc...

Regular Class Rates

Prime (5:00pm - 10:00pm Mon to Fri)

$60.00/hr paid monthly

Sub-Prime (12:00pm - 5:00pm Mon to Fri)

$40.00/hr paid monthly

Workshop/Seminar Rates

$300/half day $500.00/day



A: 465 Milner Avenue - Unit 6, Scarborough, ON

T: 416-412-0709

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday: 12:00pm - 10:00pm

Saturday: 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Sunday: 10:00pm - 8:00pm

There is parking available at the front and back of units 6 and 7. 

*Apple maps will bring you to the back of the building.




© 2020 by The Shinobi Village


465 Milner Ave. Unit 6

Scarborough, Ontario





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